Tribal X is a Native hard rock band bringing the fire!!

From the 4 directions, representing 4 different First Nations, a huge range of musical influences, Tribal X formed in October 2015.

It started from the idea that Leon Wesley had, to put together a select group of musicians to make an all Native hard rock band. He got together with aspiring musician/producer Jon aka “River Kane” aka “SSSix”, anyways, they started Tribal Rage.

Guitarist/songwriter/frontman Ernie “The Mighty Stone-face” Cardinal helped a lot in the early days of Tribal Rage and helped form the band. Ernie an amazing talent and kept us inspired. After some prayers to the Creator, the voice they were looking for, who was also looking for them, the talented Andrew Campbell, joined the tribe. Ernie left soon afterwards to pursue other ventures and there was three.

They started writing songs right away. However, without a bassist, Tribal Rage was still incomplete. Months went by and during that time, there was a name change from Tribal Rage to Tribal X and lots more songwriting and developing their overall mission.

On the hunt for a bass player, they continued writing and rehearsing until Paul, who saw their ad on craigslist, auditioned for the band and there became Tribal X.

With their first EP soon to be released (fall/winter 2020), Aboriginal people will be turning their radios up to hear Tribal X. Their messages are sometimes serious but always delivered with high energy, love and respect. Tribal X are First Nations rockers that you will want to check out!